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    Looking forward to a safe future.

    Looking forward to a safe future.

    Looking forward to a safe future.

    Looking forward to a safe future.

    Making provision for your financial future?
    Let’s talk about it!

    In a hectic world where for many people every second counts, it’s nevertheless worth taking an hour of your time and investing it in a useful discussion. What are your plans for the future? What are your concerns? What are you looking forward to most? What we can promise you: We listen carefully to what you have to say, because there are many different possibilities when it comes to working together to help you achieve your goals and ensure a safe financial future.

    Perhaps you are just starting out on your career, or looking to start a family? Or you may be thinking about early retirement? Regardless of the stage you are at in your life, we can show you which solutions – big or small – can put you on track for the right financial future.

    Call your personal advisor or the ″Zuger Kantonalbank direct″ advisory team on 041 709 11 11. You also have the option of arranging an appointment online, for a time that suits you best.

    Making provision for your financial future? Today is a good day for thinking about tomorrow!

    We all know how it feels: hardly have you turned 40 than you suddenly see your well-earned retirement appearing on the horizon. But times have changed. They are more turbulent than ever, making a lot of things hard to plan. One thing hasn’t changed, though: it’s never too late to make careful plans for your future so that you can sit back and enjoy the present more fully.

    Whatever you have in store, financial planning is the ideal instrument for ensuring that you can overcome all the financial challenges that lie ahead.

    Retirement provision – Memory game

    1st prize: 
    Zuger Pass Plus yearly travelcard for the Zug fare network, all zones, 2nd class, adult, personal travelcard, worth CHF 711.

    2nd prize:
    Segway e-scooter worth approximately CHF 500.

    3rd prize:
    1x 20-franc “Goldvreneli” coin worth approximately CHF 300. 


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