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    Checklist: Tax tips

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    Time to quickly complete your tax declaration. You can find the most important tips for submitting the completed document on time in our checklist.

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    Request an extension

    You can request an extension until 31 December at the latest. This gives you enough time to gather or obtain all the documents you need for your tax return and to complete it if this cannot be done by the original deadline of 30 April.

    • Request an extension on the canton’s website
    • You need your personal ID for this

    «An extension gives you more time to submit a complete tax return without forgetting any details.»

    Pavla Furrer, Tax Advisor at Zuger Kantonalbank

    Include all deductible expenses and all assets

    Every person aged 18 or over is required to pay taxes. There are many expenses that can be deducted, some of which are often overlooked:

    • Occupational expenses: travel costs, lump sum for the use of a bicycle, cost of meals where no inhouse catering is available
    • Purchases of pillar 3a and pension fund benefits
    • Contributions to AHV that you pay yourself if you have not yet reached retirement age and are no longer working
    • Tenant deduction: If you live in Canton Zug you can deduct up to CHF 10,500
    • Homeowners can deduct a lump sum from the imputed rental value or running costs, as well as upkeep, servicing and renovation costs
    • Medical costs

    As a rule, always compare the actual costs with the lump sum allowances. In additon, assets such as life insurance policies with a surrender value, properties abroad or accounts and works of art should not be forgotten.

    «Expert advice is always recommended for a comprehensive tax return.»

    Pavla Furrer, Tax Advisor at Zuger Kantonalbank

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    Pavla Furrer

    Pavla Furrer

    Pavla Furrer has worked as a tax advisor for ZugerKB since 2017. She draws up tax returns for our clients, advises them on tax matters and helps them optimise their tax situation. In her spare time she likes to keep moving – jogging, swimming or hiking. She’s also a great reader.

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