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    Investments that open up new perspectives

    Nowadays it’s easy to lose the overview owing to the many products and possibilities, the dynamic economic situation and changing needs – due either to your own situation or to a change in perspective.

    We will take time for you and discuss your individual situation and personal preferences with you. On this basis we derive an investment strategy that is tailored precisely to you. We offer three different investment solutions that can be structured in line with your personal wishes and needs.

    Change of perspective

    Responsible investment: a new opportunity for a promising investment strategy.

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    A horizon full of opportunities

    Your local partner with a global mindset – welcome to Private Banking.

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    A comparison of the investment solutions of Zuger Kantonalbank


    ZugerKB Investment Advisory

    You take the investment decisions independently with the support of your advisor.


    ZugerKB Asset Management

    You choose the investment strategy. You leave implementation to us.


    ZugerKB E-Invest

    You settle your investment transactions independently, without our advice.

    Three good ways to find the investment advice that is right for you

    We know: every client is different and has individual needs. Find out more about our advisory services, and allow your desired solution to benefit from our comprehensive expertise.

    Our investment products

    • Fund savings plans
    • Strategy funds
    • Equity funds
    • Bond funds
    • Retirement savings funds
    • Equities
    • Bonds
    • Structured products
    • Medium-term bonds (“Kassenobligationen”)
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Real estate funds
    • Notes/foreign exchange/precious metals
    • Money market investments

    Your perfect investment solution

    Find out which investment solution best suits your needs.

    Which investment strategy suits you best?

    Take the test and you will receive a detailed evaluation of your investment profile and a list of suitable funds.

    Book appointment

    Do you have any questions about the investment strategy or our advisory services? Please get in touch – we’ll be happy to discuss your individual situation in a non-binding consultation.

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