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    Checklist: New developments in Savings 3a

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    So you’ve made your annual contribution to Savings 3a, and are hoping to forget about this topic for another year? But ideally you should be planning your next payment for 2024 already. Our Checklist shows you what you need to be aware of.

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    New maximum contribution for Savings 3a

    To ensure that you make the largest possible tax savings, the maximum amount should be paid in:

    • CHF 7,056 for individuals with a pension fund
    • 20% of earned income up to a maximum of CHF 35,280 for individuals without a pension fund

    «Paying in the maximum amount for Savings 3a right at the start of the year rather than just before Christmas at the year-end gives you not only the tax benefit but also a year longer to benefit from higher returns.»

    Bruno Stocker, Occupational Benefits Consultant at Zuger Kantonalbank

    Go about Savings 3a in the right way

    • Payments into Pillar 3a can make sense even with smaller amounts. What ultimately makes the difference is not just the interest or other types of return, but above all how long and how regularly payments are made.
    • If you are only looking to take advantage of the tax benefit and are not investing your 3a savings, paying in the maximum amount at the start of the year gives you an additional year of interest.
    • If you want to invest your 3a assets, stagger your payments on a monthly basis by paying through a standing order. By spreading your payments in this way you will even out any losses over the year.
    • Open several 3a accounts so that staggered withdrawal is possible.
    • The savings in question can be used for the acquisition of owner-occupied residential property.
    • The 3a assets can also be used for embarking on self-employment.

    If you emigrate from Switzerland permanently, the tied 3a assets can be withdrawn early.

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    Bruno Stocker

    Bruno Stocker

    Bruno Stocker, Occupational Benefits Consultant, has been on board since 2009. He helps companies to find the right pension fund solution, providing neutral and impartial advice. In doing so, he gives our clients a clear overview of the fast-moving world of pension funds. He likes plenty of movement in his leisure time too – be it biking or hiking. His motto? “Let’s move things together.”

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