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ZugerKB Investment Advisory Savings 3

Would you like to generate a higher return with your pension assets? Why not combine your Savings 3 account with an investment in securities? Depending on your investment objectives and risk tolerance, you can choose from three different ZugerKB retirement savings funds, as well as additional pension investments from our partner Swisscanto.

ZugerKB E-Invest Savings 3

The online solution for all those who – when it comes to their retirement provision – want to take their investment decisions themselves and do not wish to avail themselves of advice from the bank.


How you benefit

  • Professional support from your Zuger Kantonalbank advisor when selecting investment funds
  • Significantly more profitable than a Savings 3 account in the longer term
  • ZugerKB retirement savings funds reflect the investment opinion of Zuger Kantonalbank based on an assessment of the market environment
  • The investment decisions for ZugerKB retirement savings funds are implemented through passively managed investment funds. These investment funds are renowned for their transparency and low costs
  • Fund units may be subscribed to and redeemed on a daily basis
  • The corresponding performance data is published in the “Zuger Zeitung” and “Finanz und Wirtschaft”
  • After your retirement you can transfer the assets in the retirement savings funds of Zuger Kantonalbank to the unrestricted investment funds of Zuger Kantonalbank

ZugerKB retirement savings funds

The ZugerKB retirement savings funds invest systemically in various asset classes, such as equities, bonds and to a limited extent in alternative investments such as real estate, precious metals and commodities. You can choose from the following three retirement savings funds:

Investment fundsFactsheetsBIBsPrice
ZugerKB Fonds – Strategie Konservativ (CHF) BVDE / ENDE / EN 
ZugerKB Fonds – Strategie Ausgewogen (CHF) BVDE / ENDE / EN 
ZugerKB Fonds – Strategie Dynamisch (CHF) BVDE / ENDE / EN 

Swisscanto investment group and retirement savings funds – actively managed

Investment fundsFactsheetsBIBsPrice
Swisscanto BVG 3 Responsible Portfolio 10 RTDE / ENDE / EN 
Swisscanto BVG 3 Responsible Portfolio 25 RTDE / ENDE / EN 
Swisscanto BVG 3 Responsible Portfolio 45 RTDE / ENDE / EN 
Swisscanto BVG 3 Responsible Portfolio 75 RTDE / ENDE / EN 
Swisscanto BVG 3 Sustainable Portfolio 45 RTDE / ENDE / EN 
Swisscanto BVG 3 Responsible Portfolio Protection RTDE / ENDE / EN 
Swisscanto BVG 3 Responsible Life Cycle 2025 RT

Swisscanto investment group and retirement savings funds – passively managed

Investment fundsFactsheetsBIBsPrice
Swisscanto BVG3 Index 45 RTDE / ENDE / EN 
Swisscanto (CH) Vorsorge Fonds 20 Passiv VTDE / ENDE / EN 
Swisscanto (CH) Vorsorge Fonds 45 Passiv VTDE / ENDE / EN 
Swisscanto (CH) Vorsorge Fonds 75 Passiv VTDE / ENDE / EN 
Swisscanto (CH) Vorsorge Fonds 95 Passiv VTDE / ENDE / EN 

Questions and answers on investments in securities

A long-term comparison shows that even with an equity portion of just 25% (dark blue line) investing in securities is superior to the Savings 3 account (red line). The return potential improves further with a higher equity weighting, although price fluctuations will likewise increase. Due to the typically long investment horizons of pension products and the regular, staggered payments, Pillar 3a is ideally suited for securities-based saving, as major equity market fluctuations are smoothed out.


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Benefit from our attractive pension solutions and generate the best possible return. You can apply for ZugerKB Investment Advisory Savings 3 or ZugerKB E-Invest Savings 3 directly online (involves no advice, currently exclusively available in German).

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