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    Why you should use Mobile Banking!

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    In the following interview with Peter Koller, Digital Banking Consultant, you can find out the benefits of our Mobile Banking solution, and above all what new features you can expect from the updated app.

    Use of Mobile Banking in Switzerland

    According to statistics, around 54 percent of customers surveyed use their smartphone or tablet to access the bank’s services. For E-Banking the figure is as high as 89 percent, but Mobile Banking is catching up. Why is that the case, Peter?

    Peter Koller: «People are on the move so much. Using your smartphone to check your account balance or execute a payment is easy and quick. You can also submit stock market orders or send a message to your client advisor. With the new Mobile Banking app, so many things have become even easier.»

    New ZugerKB Mobile Banking solution 

    What's changed?

    The design. The app is now more straightforward, more user-friendly. Using it is intuitive, which makes it a better experience. As a new element, our clients can now also make foreign payments in the ZugerKB Mobile Banking app. This has closed a previous gap that existed compared to E-Banking. What’s more, thanks to the scan function, clients have everything they need to process the new QR invoices.

    What functions do you use the most?

    I use the «Make a payment» function most frequently. In combination with «Scan payment slip», I can deal with all outstanding bills rapidly and easily. The new QR invoices also work really well with the new ZugerKB Mobile Banking app. The «eBill» function is likewise really helpful. With this function, you no longer need to enter individual invoices – you just review any outstanding bills and sign them off in the app.

    How secure is our Mobile Banking service?

    Our Mobile Banking solution meets the very latest security standards, and is regularly reviewed and tested by our external partner finnova AG Bankware. In the area of security, our Mobile Banking app even has a decisive advantage: Unlike traditional E-Banking, which functions with a browser, ZugerKB clients are provided with bespoke software that has been specifically designed for electronic banking. This software comes with inbuilt security protection. This means that users no longer need to enter the bank’s email address manually or check that they have a secure connection – both of these things take place automatically in the background of the app, thereby minimizing the danger of typing errors or phishing. Just like with traditional E-Banking, the secure use of Mobile Banking requires the user to observe certain key principles. Protecting the device is very important, as is adherence to certain rules of conduct. You can read more about this in the corresponding Swiss e-banking (EBAS) article.

    Where and how can I download the Mobile Banking app?

    You need to have an E-Banking agreement with ZugerKB and be domiciled in Switzerland. On the technical side, all you need is a smartphone (Apple or Android) with an up-to-date operating system (more informations). To log in you will need your E-Banking agreement number as well as a mobile password, or you can set up your login with your personal fingerprint or Face ID. For information on activation and further settings, just go to:

     Mobile Banking Installation

    Are you expecting to see mobile usage rates increase in the future? 

    Definitely. Over the last few months we have seen a continuous rise in the number of users. Almost 50 percent of our E-Banking clients regularly use our Mobile Banking solution to complement traditional E-Banking. In the modern smartphone era, mobile banking is very much in vogue. Dealing with pressing financial matters conveniently while on the move is so easy nowadays.

    Would you say there was a typical ZugerKB Mobile Banking user?

    No, I wouldn’t say that. When it comes to gender preference, we cannot see any real differences in the use of Mobile Banking. But what does please me personally is that an increasing number of the over-50s are now discovering and actively using this solution. Our client advisors will always be happy to explain the benefits of our ZugerKB Mobile Banking app to you.

    Many thanks for talking to us, Peter.

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