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    Zuger Kantonalbank


    Link your accounting software to your ZugerKB account

    Using the bLink platform from SIX, you can connect your online accounting software to your ZugerKB account securely and in no time.

    How you benefit

    • Simplified payments reconciliation, manual input no longer required
    • Secure transmission of your data thanks to stringent security standards
    • Transmit payment orders directly to the bank from your accounting software
    • Complete transparency and full overview of your data and how it is being used

    Straightforward connection to your ZugerKB account

    1. In your online accounting software, click on the area for connecting bank accounts.
    2. Select Zuger Kantonalbank as your bank.
    3. You will be redirected to the login area for Zuger Kantonalbank. Identify yourself using your e-banking contract number and your password.
    4. Confirm via the Cronto app.
    5. Select your banking relationships and the corresponding accounts you want to share with your accounting software.
    6. Read the terms and conditions of use and consent to them.
    7. Select the service you want and either call up your account information or create additional payment orders.
    8. 8. Enjoy the benefits of automatic data exchange and the increased level of efficiency it provides.
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