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    Zuger Kantonalbank

    Deposit insurance /
    government guarantee

    Deposit insurance / government guarantee

    In the event of bankruptcy of a bank, credit balances up to a maximum amount are protected by the esisuisse deposit guarantee. Zuger Kantonalbank additionally has a government guarantee. Canton Zug will assume responsibility for Zuger Kantonalbank’s liabilities, should the bank’s resources be insufficient.

    esisuisse deposit guarantee

    Deposit insurance protects the credit balances of private and corporate clients in the event of a bank or securities firm’s bankruptcy. This guarantee is regulated by law. The protection is limited to a maximum of CHF 100 000 per client and institution. Multiple accounts are added together. esisuisse guarantees that it will cover protected deposits in the context of the self-regulation of Swiss banks and securities firms. Deposits at Zuger Kantonalbank are covered by the deposit insurance scheme. 

    Where is the protection of credit balances at banks regulated by law?

    The legal provisions for deposit protection can be found specifically in Articles 37a to 37jbis of the Banking Act and in Articles 42a to 44a of the Banking Ordinance. In the event of dis-crepancies, the legal provisions shall always take precedence.

    Zuger Kantonalbank government guarantee

    Zuger Kantonalbank has a government guarantee: Canton Zug will assume responsibility for Zuger Kantonalbank’s liabilities in the event that the bank’s resources are insufficient. The government guarantee includes all customer deposits including pension assets in the 2nd and 3rd pillars in accounts with Zuger Kantonalbank, as well as medium-term bonds, bonds and fixed-term deposits of Zuger Kantonalbank.