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    Zuger Kantonalbank

    Legal information and terms of use for visitors to the website

    By accessing the website of Zuger Kantonalbank («ZugerKB Website» always refers to all content at www.zugerkb.ch) you declare that you have accepted the following terms of use and legal information. If you do not agree with the following conditions, do not access the ZugerKB Website.

    ZugerKB reserves the right to change or adapt the content of the important legal information at any time.

    Addressed audience

    This ZugerKB Website is directed exclusively at individuals and legal entities as well as partnerships and corporations domiciled in Switzerland. All other persons, entities or partnerships must refrain from accessing the ZugerKB Website since they may be subject to a jurisdiction under which the distribution of information on the ZugerKB Website is illegal or such distribution is prohibited without prior authorization or approval and the relevant authorizations or approvals do not exist.

    Data transfer

    Electronic forms are sent to ZugerKB via the internet on an unencrypted basis. In particular, the data may be intercepted, viewed or modified by third parties during transmission. ZugerKB is visible as the recipient. This makes it possible for third parties to recognize at a minimum that you have a business relationship with ZugerKB. ZugerKB does not accept any liability should information be transmitted incorrectly, in particular as a result of manipulation by a third party, technical faults, or falsification or forgery of the information by a third party.

    Ownership of the Zuger Kantonalbank website / Copyright and trademark rights

    All elements on this ZugerKB Website, in particular copyright, trademark and other rights, belong exclusively and entirely to ZugerKB or the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks, unless otherwise stated. «Zuger Kantonalbank», «ZKB», «ZGKB» and the «ZKB or ZugerKB logo» are registered trademarks of Zuger Kantonalbank.

    The elements can only be used freely for browsing purposes; if elements are copied in whole or in part in any form – electronically or in writing – «ZugerKB» must be explicitly mentioned. In addition, ZugerKB's consent must be obtained for the republication of any elements.

    No part of the ZugerKB Website has been designed in such a way as to grant a license or right to use a design, a registered trademark or a logo. Downloading or copying the ZugerKB Website does not transfer to you any rights with regard to the software or elements on the ZugerKB Website. ZugerKB reserves all rights (in particular copyrights and trademark rights) in respect of all elements on the ZugerKB Website and will fully exercise all possibilities to enforce these rights.

    No Offer / No Advice

    The information published on this ZugerKB Website serves marketing purposes and does not constitute a solicitation of an offer, an offer or a recommendation to buy or sell products and services, investment instruments or to engage in any other transaction or to enter into any legal transaction. 

    The information published on this ZugerKB Website does not constitute a listing notice of a stock exchange.

    Investors who are interested in a particular investment product are advised to carefully read the complete product documentation (issue prospectus, term sheet, etc.) and the brochure of the Swiss Bankers Association «Risks Involved in Trading Financial Instruments» before making an investment decision.

    No assurance

    Although ZugerKB has taken all reasonable care to ensure that the information on the ZugerKB Website is accurate at the time of publication, neither ZugerKB nor its contracting partners can give any explicit or implied assurance or warranty (including to third parties) as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information. Opinions and other information on the ZugerKB Website are subject to change without notice. ZugerKB does not use the ZugerKB Website to provide investment advice or other advice to you or any other third party. The information on the ZugerKB Website does not constitute legal, tax or other advice, nor should investment or other decisions be made on the basis of this information. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance, i.e. the investment value may increase or decrease. ZugerKB cannot guarantee that the invested capital will maintain or even increase in value. When making investment decisions, advice from a qualified specialist should be sought.

    No representation

    ZugerKB shall not be responsible for and does not guarantee that the functions on the ZugerKB Website will not be interrupted or flawless, that errors will be corrected or that the ZugerKB Website or the respective server is free of viruses or harmful components. ZugerKB disclaims any liability for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of the access to its website or its links.

    No orders

    ZugerKB expressly states that ZugerKB is not obliged to accept orders for business transactions such as payment orders, stock exchange orders, account openings or closings or changes of address, or other business transactions transmitted to ZugerKB via the ZugerKB Website. Any specific agreements between you and ZugerKB remain reserved.


    Any liability of ZugerKB (including negligence) for damages or consequential damages resulting from the use of or access to the ZugerKB Website or to links to websites of third parties (or from the impossibility of use or access) is excluded to the extent permitted by law. In addition, ZugerKB disclaims any liability for manipulation of the visitor’s computer system by third parties.

    Links to other websites

    The websites «linked» with the ZugerKB Website or websites that offer links to the ZugerKB Website are entirely beyond the control of ZugerKB which is why ZugerKB accepts no responsibility for the correctness, completeness and legality of the content of such websites or for any offers and services contained therein. The creation of links to these websites or others is at the visitor's own risk.

    Automatic exchange of information

    The Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) is a new worldwide regulation aimed at combating tax evasion and fraud and includes a procedure that regulates the exchange of client and financial data between the tax authorities of the participating states. The Swiss AEOI Act entered into force on 01.01.2017.

    The AEOI obliges Swiss financial institutions to establish the tax domicile of their clients. If a client has its main tax domicile in a country with which Switzerland has agreed and put into force the AEOI, ZugerKB is obliged to forward information on the affected clients and the reportable accounts to the Federal Tax Administration at the end of each year, which forwards the information to the competent foreign tax authority.

    Switzerland has already signed an agreement with several states to introduce the AEOI. These states are listed in the following link of the State Secretariat for International Financial Matters (SIF):

    Last update on: 19.09.2019