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Rent account – The account for those who want to pay a rent deposit.

Do you rent an apartment, an office or other premises and have to pay a deposit? The rent deposit account serves your landlord to cover rent losses and damages.

The rent account at a glance

  • Interest is charged on the deposit amount
  • Free of charge for clients with a ZugerKB account set or a current account
  • Securing the rental deposit

Opening process

  1. Complete the first page of the contract (the other pages will be filled in automatically).
  2. Print the complete form set (pages 1–7) double-sided.
  3. Sign the three original copies of the contract (one copy is for the Bank, one for the tenant and one for the landlord).
  4. Send us the full form set (pages 1–7) to the address provided in the contract, and we will open the rent account.
  5. When the account has been opened, we will return the original contract copies (with the addition of the account number) to the tenant and the landlord.
  6. The tenant can then pay in the deposit.

Closing process

  1. Complete page 7 of the contract (pages 1–6 are not required).
  2. Sign the form.
  3. Send the form to us at the address provided in the contract.
  4. We will close the rent account and transfer the balance in accordance with the instructions.

Further information

Rate of interest

  • No interest
  • Overdraft interest 10,000%

Account opening

  • Free of charge for clients with a ZugerKB account set or a current account
  • CHF 30.00 for other clients

Account management

Free of charge
Advice notes
Free of charge 1)

Account statement 2)

Free of charge 1)

Account balancing

Free of charge


  • Free of charge for e-bank vouchers
  • Standard B Mail (on request A Mail) will be charged once per shipment and recipient.

Account balancing 

CHF 20.00

1) Delivery by post plus postage fee.

2) CHF 10.00 per reproduced account statement.



Advice notes

To both the Tenant and the Landlord

Account statement

Once a year to the Tenant (also to Landlord on request)

Account balancing



In accordance with "Rental agreement deposit"
Prerequisite Rental property is located in Switzerland
Note The rental agreement deposit sets out the contractual relationship between the rental parties and Zuger Kantonalbank. You will find the current version of the agreement on our website.
For opening a rent deposit account, we only accept our own rental agreement deposit. We cannot accept, and will have to return, any agreements from other providers or older versions of our own agreement.