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Rental surety account - The account for all those who have to deposit a rental deposit

Do you rent an apartment, an office or other premises and have to pay a deposit? The tenant deposit serves your landlord to cover rent losses and damages.

The rental surety account at a glance

  • Interest is charged on the deposit amount
  • Free account management
  • Securing the rental deposit

Our services



Statement of account

  • Annual, optionally via e-banking or by post
  • Interest and capital reporting for tax purposes by mail

Account balancing



According to the security of the rental agreement
 Prerequisite Rental property is located in Switzerland

Rate of interest

  • No interest
  • Overdraft interest 10,000%

Account opening

Free of charge

Account management

Free of charge

Statement of account

Free of charge

(CHF 10.00 per reproduced account statement)

Interest and principal statement (in paper form by post)

  • Free of charge
  • Postage charges passed on

Account balancing

Free of charge


  • Free of charge for e-bank vouchers
  • Standard B Mail (on request A Mail) will be charged once per shipment and recipient.

Account balancing 

CHF 20.00
Easy access