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    Four steps to your own home

    For most people, the purchase of residential property represents the largest investment in their lives. For this reason it is worth having an expert partner at your side. Our advice focuses on your individual needs, and we support you through all the phases of financing your own home.

    Step 1 - identify your needs

    To make the dream a reality, you first have to describe your living needs. You have to define what is important to you and what could become important to you over time. The following guideline should give you an overview of everything you should consider.

    • Do you prefer a quiet location (no main streets, airports, churches or railway lines in the immediate vicinity), or do you like to feel the pulse of a city?
    • How important is a child-friendly neighbourhood, direct sunlight, a beautiful view and a good transport infrastructure (links to public transport or the motorway, distance to your work)?
    • What do you expect from the ideal living location (tax rate, infrastructure as regards shopping, schools, post office, as-sociations, restaurants, etc.)?
    • What kind of property do you want to own (single-family house or condominium apartment)?

    Think about your current living situation. What do you like about it, and what not? What is missing?

    Step 2 - find your dream home

    The real estate platform newhome is a collaboration between 18 cantonal banks.  Save time and enter a search subscription to receive constant updates by e-mail about the latest real estate offers that meet your search criteria.

    Building projects in Zug that are only being planned at the moment are presented exclusively on our "Zug building projects" page.

    Zuger Bauprojekte Spatenstich Teaser quer
    Zuger Bauprojekte Spatenstich Teaser quer

    Zug building projects

    Know where new residential property is being built in Zug. We inform you about future building projects even before the first sod is cut. Read more for an overview.

    Discover projects

    Do you wish to buy an apartment or a single-family house? Then you should use newhome.ch – the free real estate portal of the cantonal Banks.


    Step 3 - define the affordability

    Are you dreaming of owning your own home, of independence, security and safety?  But you don't know what the annual costs will be? Find out and calculate online how much the dream of owning your own home will cost.

    Step 4 - secure financing

    Home owners have different needs when it comes to financing. This is why Zuger Kantonalbank offers a range of mortgage products to meet your individual needs. We would be happy to discuss your plans with you and put together the best financing package for you. Simply contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.