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Account set


Account sets offer a bundle of the most important banking services (private account, debit card, credit card) at an attractive price. You can choose between different set levels based on your needs.

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You will find several ATMs of Zuger Kantonalbank in the Canton of Zug (see locations). You can withdraw money (EUR und CHF) or change the PIN on your bank cards.


When using debit cards, you may incur withdrawal fees if the ATM is not a Zuger Kantonalbank ATM. However, you can withdraw money at ATMs from any other Cantonal bank across Switzerland without paying any fees.


Lastschriftverfahren (LSV)

See «Direct debit»


Cantonal bank


There are 24 cantonal banks in Switzerland, even though there are 26 cantons. They are independent banking institutions with close ties to their respective core areas. Most of them (including Zuger Kantonalbank) have an unlimited state guarantee. 



This payment instrument was never very popular in Switzerland and is hardly used anymore today.

Credit card


A very well-known card that you can use to pay in shops or restaurants as well as for shopping online. It can be used worldwide, and your bank will send you a monthly bill showing your credit card expenses.


Don’t use it for cash withdrawals, as this may incur relatively high fees. Use your debit card instead.


Zuger Kantonalbank issues its own credit cards.

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Switzerland’s national currency is the Swiss franc (in German: Schweizer Franken). The official abbreviation is CHF or Fr. One Swiss franc consists of 100 centimes (in German: Rappen).


Exchange rates can be found here Currency Calculator (German only)

Current account

Privatkonto, Lohnkonto

See «Private account»

Custody account


Your custody account is for the safekeeping of any securities you may have. You can also have securities transactions executed through this account.


Debit card


Payments made with this card are directly charged to your account. You can use it to withdraw money at an ATM or pay in shops or restaurants. Debit cards are quite popular in Switzerland for making daily purchases.


When using debit cards, you may incur withdrawal fees if the ATM is not a Zuger Kantonalbank ATM. However, you can withdraw money at ATMs from any other Cantonal bank across Switzerland without paying any fees.


Zuger Kantonalbank provides you with a debit card as soon as you open a private account.

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Direct debit

Lastschriftverfahren (LSV)

If you wish, you can authorise a company to debit your account directly. In Switzerland people use direct debit for their health insurance premiums, for instance, or to pay their mobile phone and credit card bills.




With E-Banking you can access your account and securities account at Zuger Kantonalbank quickly, easily and securely via the internet, regardless of opening hours and wherever you are.

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EC card


Although these cards were discontinued some time ago, some people in Switzerland still refer to them when talking about debit cards.




We are your expert partners for home financing and can advise you on your current and future needs. Our qualified specialists have detailed knowledge of the Zug real estate market and can draw on a comprehensive network – all of which is at your disposal. 

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The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international, standardised notation for account numbers. People can transfer money to your account if you provide them with your name, address and your IBAN – nothing more is required. You will find your IBAN on your debit card. IBAN is particularly well known in Switzerland and the European Union.



We provide you with information about the current interest rates.


Joint account


This is an account you hold together with another person, for example your spouse.




In Switzerland we have four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. The official language in Zug is German. Our website is available in German and English.


Maestro card


Maestro is the debit card service of MasterCard. As it was the only debit card service in our country for several years, the Swiss still use «Maestro card» as a synonym for Debit card.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

With the Mobile Banking app from Zuger Kantonalbank you have access to your account and custody account anytime and anywhere – even when you’re on the move. 

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Fixed-rate mortgage? Variable mortgage? It’s not always easy to decide which form of financing is the right one. That's why we work with you to develop a customised solution that optimally reflects your personal circumstances and the current interest rate situation.

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Mortgage Calculator


One of our most popular internet tools is the mortgage calculator. It shows you whether a property is affordable for you based on your annual income and equity by calculating your projected mortgage interest costs.


Online banking

Online Banking

Online banking in Switzerland is mostly referred to as E-Banking.


Payment slip


It is standard practice to include a coloured payment slip with every bill.


The mostly widely used payment slip is the orange one with a unique reference number. There are also red payment slips without a reference number but with a space for specifying the reason for the payment.


The coloured payment slips are currently being replaced by a new QR bill.

3-pillar pension system

3 Säulen System

See Zuger Kantonalbank #ZugerKBlog

Private account

Privatkonto, Lohnkonto

The personal account is ideal for everyday use – e.g. for your incoming salary, your payments or your securities purchases.


Zuger Kantonalbank offers private accounts in CHF and EUR. You might like to check out our account sets, which include private accounts as well as debit cards and/or credit cards.

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PIN-Code, Geheimzahl

A personal identification number (PIN) is a four to six-digit numerical code used to confirm transactions with your debit or credit cards. It can be changed at an ATM.


QR bill


Payments in Switzerland are currently being digitalised in line with the ISO 20022 standard. The QR bill has been in use since 1 July 2020. You can recognise this type of bill as it features the Swiss QR code, which contains all the information needed for easy, automatic and efficient payment. The new QR bill will gradually replace the current payment slips.


Rental deposit account


Do you rent a flat, office or other premises and have had to pay a deposit? Your landlord uses the rental deposit account as security to cover for possible rent defaults and damage.

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Savings account


This is an account for your short and medium-term savings goals.

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Standing order


A standing order is an instruction given to the bank to make regular fixed payments from your account to a particular beneficiary.

Swiss National Bank

Schweizerische Nationalbank (SNB)

As an independent central bank, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) conducts the country's monetary and currency policy.




TWINT is a Swiss payment app for cashless payments. You can use it in many shops, farm shops or markets or to pay for car parking. You can also use it to transfer money to other TWINT users. The Zuger Kantonalbank TWINT app can be found on Google Play Store or on AppStore 


Zuger Kantonalbank

Zuger Kantonalbank

Zuger Kantonalbank is the leading financial institution in the Zug economic region. We have 14 branches – i.e. at least one in every municipality in the Canton of Zug.

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