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Open savings account

Open savings account

Become online a ZugerKB client in only a few minutes and open a savings account. Our online identification process means you don’t need to visit a branch.

Here's how it works


Fill in your details

Select your accounts and cards combination yourself and follow the instructions.

Identify yourself

A biometric passport makes it easy to identify yourself. Alternatively, you can also identify yourself at a branch.

Sign the contracts

If you have selected online identification, you can sign the contracts online.

Enjoy the benefits

Once your documents have been reviewed you will receive your accounts and cards as well as access to e-banking, mobile banking and the customer portal.



  • You are an adult.
  • You live in Switzerland.

For online identification

  • You hold a valid biometric passport.
  • You need a smartphone with a camera
  • Your smartphone should have an up-to-date/updated operating system
Beraterin erklärt der Kundin den Vertrag

Identifying yourself at a branch

You don’t have a biometric passport, or you don’t wish to identify yourself online? You can complete the onboarding process online and select the option “Identifying yourself at a branch”. Or you can arrange an appointment for opening the account. We will be happy to advise you.

Preview online identification

In the following videos, we show you how online identification with the biometric passport works. The videos are currently only available in German.



Frequently asked questions

A biometric passport contains biometric data that is used to establish your identity. All passports issued in Switzerland since 1 March 2020 have been biometric. The camera symbol on the cover shows that your passport is biometric.

You can still get the process under way. At the identification stage, you can then select the option “Identifying yourself at a branch”. You can then print out and sign the contracts, before taking them to your local branch.

Please note that for security reasons, the QR code can only be scanned three times with the smartphone. If you have scanned the QR code more than three times, restart the process.

Please make sure your device can read the passport’s NFC chip. With an iPhone, the device’s camera needs to be held above the camera symbol on the cover of the passport. With an Android device, you can position the smartphone above the front cover of the passport. If the chip isn’t recognized, slide your smartphone over the passport by a few cen-timetres until it recognizes the chip.

A help symbol can be seen top right during the identification process. There you will find precise instructions for how to proceed during the current step.

Hilfe Online-Identifikation

Please do not hesitate to call our Support team on +41 41 709 11 11 if you have any questions.

Your device must support NFC (near-field communication). In the case of Apple, NFC is supported from iPhone 6 on-wards, but you need at least an iPhone XS/XR or newer for identification. The situation varies in the case of Android devices. Most very old or low-end Android models are not NFC-enabled.

Please note in addition that you must have an up-to-date operating system installed.

Having your smartphone set up such that all text is shown in larger size can cause problems. Please deactivate this func-tion and try again.

Yes, you can save your current progress using the function “Save data”. A link enabling you to continue the onboarding process will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.