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Investment Advisory Basic

ZugerKB Investment Advisory Basic

Invest money for the long term, and make use of a compact package of services.

As an investor, you rarely alter the composition of your securities, take long-term investment decisions and want expert advice depending upon the particular situation. An annual Portfolio Check keeps you informed about the performance of your investment assets, highlighting aspects where action is needed as well as possible risks.

Investment Advisory Basic

Basic terms and conditions
Investment fee on average custody account assets
0.45% p.a. (minimum fee CHF 150.00 p.a.)
Reimbursement of retrocessions (on investment funds)
Personal advisor
Investment advisory services
Establish the investment strategy based on personal requirements
Investment proposal during the first meeting
Specific investment recommendations at maturity
Portfolio monitoring and reporting
Asset statement with detailed information on the performance of the portfolio
Regular monitoring of the portfolio and suggestions on any action required
Portfolio Check, with analysis of current portfolio risks
annually, with compact information
Publications and services
Publications of Zuger Kantonalbank
access to the compact package of publications
Client-relevant research information
Custody account management incl. safekeeping and administration
Stock market orders in Switzerland and abroad
through personal advisor, e-banking and by telephone
Access to e-banking and mobile banking
Supplementary services (if required)
ZugerKB account set (Basic, Comfort or Premium)
50% discount
Tax statement
50% discount

The risks

  • With Investment Advisory Basic, investment decisions are the responsibility of the client.
  • Investments are associated with risks because, among other things, they are subject to financial market fluctuations.
  • ZugerKB Investment Advisory does not offer any guarantee of a positive performance.
  • The brochure «Special Risks in Securities Trading» published by the Swiss Bankers Association provides detailed information about potential risks. Further product documents are available for individual investment instruments.

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