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    ZugerKB gift fund savings plan

    ZugerKB gift fund savings plan

    A gift savings account or gift fund savings plan from Zuger Kantonalbank makes it easy for you to give your child, godchild or grandchild a better financial start to adult life.

    The benefits at a glance

    • Size and frequency of contributions can be freely selected
    • Investment strategy and fund selection are geared around your needs and requirements
    • With regular contributions you benefit from the average-price effect
    • Even with small savings contributions, you gain access to a diversified and professionally managed securities solution
    • You are building up assets for your child, grandchild or godchild over the long term
    • The beneficiary has no knowledge of the assets, unless you have informed him or her
    • You decide if the beneficiary will receive the assets on his or her 18th birthday or on another occasion

    Fund spectrum

    Strategy funds

    Investment fundsFactsheetsKIDsPrice
    ZugerKB Fonds – Strategie ESG Konservativ (CHF)DE / ENDE / EN 
    ZugerKB Fonds – Strategie ESG Ausgewogen (CHF)DE / ENDE / EN 
    ZugerKB Fonds – Strategie ESG Dynamisch (CHF)DE / ENDE / EN 
    Swisscanto (LU) PF Responsible Select (CHF)DE DE  
    Swisscanto (LU) PF Responsible Balance (CHF)DE DE  
    Swisscanto (LU) PF Responsible Ambition (CHF)DE  DE  

    Equity funds

    Investment fundsFactsheetsKIDsPrice
    ZugerKB Fonds – Aktien ESG Schweiz (CHF)DE / ENDE / EN 
    ZugerKB Fonds – Aktien ESG Europa (EUR)DE / ENDE / EN 
    ZugerKB Fonds – Aktien ESG USA (USD)DE / ENDE / EN 
    iShares Core SPI® ETF (CH) (CHF)DEDE 
    iShares Core MSCI Europe UCITS ETF EUR (Acc) (EUR)DEDE 
    Vanguard S&P 500 USITS ETF (USD)DE DE 
    iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITS ETF (USD)DE  DE  
    UBS ETF – MSCI World Socially Responsible UCITS ETF (USD) A-disDE DE  

    Real estate

    Investment fundsFactsheetsKIDsPrice
    UBS (CH) Prop. Fund – Swiss Mixed Sima (CHF)DE  

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