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Vested benefits account - for your temporary or permanent withdrawal from your pension fund

You deposit your funds from the occupational pension plan in the vested benefits account when you leave your pension fund temporarily or permanently. For example, if you stop working, become self-employed or spend time abroad, as long as your domicile remains in Switzerland. Or you can pay surplus pension fund assets into a vested benefits account.

Your advantages

  • preferential interest rate
  • tax advantages



Account statement

  • Annually
  • With asset statement for investments in securities

Account balancing



According to the regulations of the Vested Benefits Foundation of Zuger Kantonalbank available at www.zugerkb.ch/freizügigkeit

Interest rate now


Interest rate from 1.2.2023


Account opening

Free of charge

Account maintenance fees

Free of charge

Account statement

Free of charge 

Account balancing

Free of charge


Free of charge

Account closure

  •  Free of charge 
  • CHF 50.– if account was active for less than 6 months 
  • CHF 150.–, when moving abroad 
  • CHF 1'000.–, when moving abroad, if account has been active for less than 6 months

Further prices

CHF 200.– for an advance withdrawal Account balance in connection with the financing of owner-occupied residential property