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Savings 3 account – for your financial independence in old age

The Savings 3 account under Pillar 3a is particularly interesting for saving taxes, acquiring residential property and providing security for your family.

Your advantages

  • preferential interest rate
  • tax advantages
  • flexible deposits

Amounts Savings 3 for 2023:

  • With pension fund: maximum CHF 7’056
  • Without pension fund: maximum CHF 35’280 (maximum 20% of net income)

Further information



Account statement

  • Annually
  • With tax certificate
  • With asset statement for investments in securities

Account balancing


  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Employment
  • AHV and taxable


  • For employed persons with a pension fund, the maximum annual contribution is: CHF 6,883.00
    (as of 1.1.2023: CHF 7’056)
  • For employed persons without a pension fund, the maximum annual deposit is 20% of their AHV-liable earned income, but a maximum of CHF 34,416.00 
    (as of 1.1.2023: CHF 35’280)

Contributions after reaching AHV retirement age or deferred withdrawal

Employees who continue to earn income subject to AHV may pay amounts into a Savings 3 account for up to five years beyond the AHV retirement age and continue to deduct these amounts from their taxable income or defer their withdrawal. This means that the capital of the Savings 3 account no longer needs to be withdrawn when the regular AHV retirement age is reached.


According to the regulations of the Savings 3 Pension Foundation of Zuger Kantonalbank available at www.zugerkb.ch/sparen3

Interest rate0,900%

Account opening

Free of charge

Account maintenance fees

Free of charge

Account statement

Free of charge 

Account balancing

Free of charge


Free of charge

Account closure

  • Free of charge
  • CHF 50.–, if the account has been active for less than 6 months


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