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    Buying cryptocurrencies via e-banking

    In these instructions you’ll find out how to buy cryptocurrencies via e-banking.


    e-banking login

    Log into the e-banking service Select the “Stock exchange / Plans” tab.

    Go to e-banking
    E-Banking Krypto Schritt 1

    Find cryptocurrency

    Use the search function to find the desired cryptocurrency – in this case Bitcoin.

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    Select cryptocurrency

    Various options appear following the search. Select “Bitcoin BTC” from the list and click “Purchase”.

    E-Banking Krypto Schritt 3

    Enter details

    Enter the quantity of Bitcoins you wish to buy as well as additional details such as custody account, debit account and validity date. Then click “Check order”.

    E-Banking Krypto Schritt 4

    Review and confirm details

    Review all the details you entered as well as the total amount. If everything is correct, scroll down and click “Purchase now” for final confirmation.

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