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Use the QR-Wizard to pay your bills even faster

With immediate effect, you can use the QR-Wizard in Mobile Banking to pay your PDF-format bills even faster. All you need to do is share the bill with the Mobile Banking app from Zuger Kantonalbank. The payee details are read in auto-matically and transferred to the payment-data entry mask.


Opening the QR bill

Open the QR bill you have received in your e-mail program.

QR-Rechnung öffnen

Sharing the QR bill

IOS: Share the QR bill you received via the "Share" function.

Android:Having opened the QR bill, you now share it via the "Send file...” function .

QR-Rechnung Teilen

Selecting the Mobile Banking app

Scroll through the apps displayed and select Zuger Kantonalbank’s Mobile Banking app.

Mobile Banking App auswählen

Checking the payment information

All the details are completed automatically. Compare them with the bill you received and click on "Transfer".

Prüfung der Zahlungsinformationen

Payment made

Once the payment has been made, a confirmation message appears. For security reasons, you may be asked to approve new recipients as an additional step. This prompt will be displayed on your smartphone. You sign off the payment in E-Banking.

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