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    Scanner Plus – scan payments with your smartphone

    Use your smartphone to scan payment slips and QR invoices. This time-saving function for your payments in e-banking is available in the ZugerKB Mobile Banking app.

    How you benefit

    • Rapid, simple and error-free entry of payments in e-banking
    • No additional costs

    Step-by-step instructions


    Downloading the Mobile Banking app

    So that you can use your smartphone as a scanner for your payment slips and QR invoices, you first need to install the Zuger Kantonalbank Mobile Banking app.

    Apple App Store Android Play Store

    Logging into e-banking

    Log into e-banking and click on the smartphone symbol.

    Scanner Plus Verbindung Smartphone und E-Banking

    Launching Scanner Plus

    Open the ZugerKB Mobile Banking app, and under “Payments” select the function «Link Scanner Plus to e-banking».

    Scanner Plus starten

    Scanning a QR code

    Scan the QR code displayed in e-banking with your smartphone. Scanning the QR code will initiate the connection be-tween the ZugerKB Mobile Banking app and e-banking.

    Verbindung E-Banking und ZugerKB MobileBanking App Schritt 2


    Now click on “Scan payment slip” on your smartphone. A connection confirmation will be displayed.

    Mobile Banking Einzahlungsschein scannen

    Scanning a payment slip / QR invoice

    Once the connection between the app and e-banking has been established, you can then scan your first payment slip / QR invoice. Capture the code line or QR code with your camera.

    Scanvorgang Schritt 1

    Reviewing details in e-banking

    The successfully scanned invoice then appears as a payment in e-banking. Review the details and provide any neces-sary supplementary information.

    E-Banking Zahlung überweisen

    Entering further payments

    Following the transfer of the payment in e-banking, you can then scan further payment slips / QR invoices. You may be asked to sign off new recipients as an additional step. This prompt will be displayed in e-banking.

    Weiterverarbeitung gescannter Einzahlungsscheine

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