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    Welcome to the world of cryptocurrencies with Zuger Kantonalbank.

    Discover just how easy and safe it is to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies with Zuger Kantonalbank. Why not take your first step into the world of digital assets today?

    How you benefit

    • Access to leading cryptocurrencies without the need for a separate crypto wallet or an account with a crypto exchange
    • Transparent, easy access to digital assets via e-banking and mobile banking app
    • No separate storing of keys required
    • High safety standards for storing of assets


      We currently offer six different cryptocurrencies.


      Bitcoin (BTC)

      ZugerKB sec. no. SYG00002

      See latest prices.

      Ethereum (ETH)

      ZugerKB sec. no. SYG00001

      See latest prices.

      Ripple (XRP)

      ZugerKB sec. no. SYG00003

      See latest prices.

      Polygon (MATIC)

      ZugerKB sec. no. SYG00022

      See latest prices.

      Litecoin (LTC)

      ZugerKB sec. no. SYG00007

      See latest prices.

      Uniswap (UNI)

      ZugerKB sec. no. SYG00012

      See latest prices.

      Note: the above stated securities numbers are available only within Zuger Kantonalbank.

      Here’s how trading in cryptocurrencies works

      We offer a crypto experience that is both transparent and convenient. Follow our simple instructions and find out how to buy cryptocurrencies with Zuger Kantonalbank in just a few steps.

      Conditions for buying cryptocurrencies

      • ZugerKB client with custody account and debit account
      • Existing e-banking agreement
      Go to mobile banking instructions Go to e-banking instructions

      Act now

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      Mobile Banking Kryptowährungen

      Conditions and trading hours

      With us you can trade cryptocurrencies in the same way as equities and there is no need to open an account with a crypto exchange. Here you will find information on conditions and trading hours for the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies with Zuger Kantonalbank.

      Key points

      Placing ordersPossible at any time via e-banking and mobile banking or during service hours (Monday to Friday, from 8.00 a.m. to 5.45 p.m.) via your advisor.
      ExecutionMonday to Friday, 1.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. (also on public holidays). Orders submitted on non-trading days or outside these times will be executed during trading hours or on the following trading day.
      Pricing and settlementIn US dollars (USD)
      Minimum transaction size (buy or sell)Transaction value of USD 200 per order (buy or sell)
      Order typesOnly market orders can be submitted for cryptocurrencies at present.
      Investment adviceZuger Kantonalbank does not provide investment proposals or advice on cryptocurrencies (our client advisors do not make any recommendations).
      Transfers from / to personal walletsNot possible at present

      Further information

      Brochure on cryptocurrencies (PDF/2.2MB)

      Zuger Kantonalbank account sets

      Get started straight away: If you are not yet a Zuger Kantonalbank client, you can open one of our account sets easily and conveniently online in just a few steps. Once you have opened the account set, you can open a custody account in the client portal and trade cryptocurrencies.

      Discover account sets

      Risk notice

      Whether, where and how you invest in cryptocurrencies depends on your personal needs and knowledge. The cryptocurrency market involves risks. In all cases, it is advisable to carefully examine the pros and cons of the currency in question. Find out more about the potential risks involved in trading by downloading our risk disclosure publication.

      Digital assets risk disclosure (PDF/136KB)