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    E-banking access blocked

    If your banking password has been wrongly entered multiple times, your access will be blocked. However, you can unblock it yourself if you still know the password. We will show you the best way to do this.


    If you have forgotten your password and your access is blocked, please order a new password letter. Find out how to do this in the instructions provided.

    To instruction «Forgotten password»

    Login E-Banking

      If your password has been entered wrongly multiple times, your access will automatically be blocked. You will be taken to the «Unblock contract» dialogue screen.

      E-banking login with agreement number and password

      Unblock contract

      Click on «Unblock».

      E-Banking unblock contract

      CrontoPush: Confirm push message

      If you have activated CrontoPush, then you will receive a push message on your CrontoSign Swiss app. Confirm this message on your smartphone.

      E-Banking unlock contract CrontoPush

      CrontoSign: Scan mosaic

      If you have not activated CrontoPush, scan the coloured mosaic with the CrontoSign Swiss app on your smartphone or Cronto device, and enter the code you then receive into the «Code» field and click on «Login».

      Enter e-banking login code

      Contract unblocked

      Your access has been unblocked. You can then register for e-banking once again with your existing password.

      Password unlocked

      Do you need further support?

      Our support team is there for you from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00.