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E-banking password forgotten

If you have forgotten your e-banking password, you can order a new password letter yourself. If you then remember the password, you can also unblock your e-banking access in a straightforward way.


E-Banking Login

Go to the login page of ZugerKB e-banking. Enter your agreement number and a password. It doesn’t matter if this is the wrong password. Repeat the incorrect password entry as many times as it takes for your access to be blocked.

E-banking login with agreement number and password

Request password

Click on «Request password». If you remember the password, then click «Unlock». You can log in normally again.

Unblock access and order password letter

CrontoPush: Confirm push message

If you have activated CrontoPush, then you will receive a push message on your CrontoSign Swiss app. Confirm this message on your mobile phone.

E-Banking unlock contract CrontoPush

CrontoSign: Scan mosaic

If you have not activated CrontoPush, scan the colored mosaic with the CrontoSign Swiss app on your mobile phone or Cronto device. Enter the code received on the mobile phone in the «Code» field and click «Login».

Enter e-banking login code

Password letter ordered

You will receive confirmation that a password letter has been ordered. As soon as you have received your password letter by post (1–2 days) you can once again log into e-banking as usual.

Example password letter
Password letter ordered

Do you need further support?

Our support team is there for you from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00.