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    Scanning a payment slip with my smartphone

    With the ZugerKB Mobile Banking app you can scan payment slips directly. Avoid the chore of having to type in refer-ence numbers when making payments. We have put together step-by-step instructions for you.


    Opening the Mobile Banking app

    Open the ZugerKB Mobile Banking app on your smartphone and log in.

    Opening the Mobile Banking app

    Opening the camera

    Select “Payments” from the navigation menu and then “Scan payment slip”. The camera will then open automatically.

    Opening the camera

    Scanning a payment slip

    Now you can scan your payment slip. All the key information – including the reference number – will be automatically taken over and displayed on the screen. Check the scanned data before transmitting the payment.

    Scanning a payment slip

    Approving a payment

    For security reasons, you may be asked to approve new recipients as an additional step. This prompt will be displayed on your smartphone. The approval process requires you to sign off the payment in e-banking.

    More about approving payments
    Zahlung signieren
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